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Now Exhibiting at the MAD Museum.

The output stems from a fundamental interest in the natural sciences and the often paradoxical relationship between art, nature and science. My work derives from a broad research base that includes the history of technology and invention, archaic astronomy, geometric symbolism and drawing as a visual science, in particular the influence man has had on the landscape from the Mesolithic era to the Industrial Revolution.

The Machars of Galloway in south-west Scotland, where I now live, abounds in the historic evidence of human activity, ranging from standing stones to the remnants of industrial development, mining, military activity, transport and trade not withstanding agriculture.

Since moving to the region and working freelance as opposed to full-time within academic institutions, I can devote more time to the latter investigations. Photography is now included in the portfolio. Written notes and map orientations are gradually developing into a publication. Watch this space!

I exhibit and have work in private, corporate and public collections in the UK, Europe the United States and Australasia.

Enquiries from curators and commissioning agencies are welcome. Please see my biography page. Visitors are welcome, but with at least three days' notice and, if possible, an indication of which aspect of the work is of interest.

Samples of the scope of the work, including wall-based pieces, reliefs, sculpture, automata, photography and commissioned work are shown on my picture gallery/portfolio page.

Prices are from £185.00 upwards.

What I do....

    Urban steelwork
    Public timepieces
    Special effects for TV and film
    Historical replications
    Environmental low technology consultation
    University, college and school lectures
    Workshops undertaken.

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